It Has Been A While!

It has been a while!

I just realised that my last post was in August 2022. That’s nearly 8 months. I doubt if there has been such a long gap in the past between the two posts. Honestly, I don’t have anything specific to post today, definitely not related to tech. I am just trying to create a habit, of writing, at least the content that can be posted publicly. Something like Snapchat streak, just heard about it from one of my 17-year-old cousins though I never used it. I know resolutions are taken in the new year usually but after all, April is the beginning of the financial year in India and in my opinion, more things reset in April than in January. So it’s not really a bad time for starting anything.

So what’s going on in this world? I actually have no idea, at least it’s hard to articulate whatever bits and pieces I think what’s going on. How do I start putting them down?

One of the ways to start a conversation, especially one-on-one is to ask “What’s on top of your mind?”, not a bad strategy though needless to say the conversation will always start with something on top of my mind unless the agenda is defined for any meeting. Nevertheless, let’s go with that strategy.

I can’t really write anything personal, like relationships, financial goals or even career aspirations at this point but at least mention my world view of mine which is definitely in the top 10 things in mind if not the top 5 - which is probably all occupied with very personal things.

Firstly - The potential return of Covid is definitely one of the concerning me right now. Finally, people started to live their lives like the pre-covid era but again there is news. New Covid Cases Up By 186% In Maharashtra, 4 Deaths In 24 Hours. I don’t even see the chart that used to come in google’s search result till a few months back. The only good thing that happened during covid is people learned to work remotely be it tech or teaching. I see a lot of parents could be returned to work while they were forced to take a break to take care of their children at home. Well, all these are not comparable with the lives lost during covid waves. All I can do is keep an eye on numbers right now and don’t forget some hygiene and behaviour are applicable always be it covid or not. Even if we don’t mask up always, washing hands and unnecessary physical contact should be avoided.

Next, I think the financial slowdown had affected a lot of people I know. People have lost their jobs, especially in tech, the very industry which went through great resignation during even peak of the covid. It is unbelievable. Surprisingly the “Product based” companies suffered more than the “Service based” companies which have been always looked down upon in tech industries. Not sure who would have the last laugh. I never thought there is a comparison. Yes, the average salaries of the service companies may be less than the product companies but look at the layoff numbers now. Also, I have so many friends who made their fortune working for services companies for overseas clients only to move to the client location for good if not end up working for the clients themselves.

There are other things like climate change that are always a concerning thing year after year.

Hopefully, my next post will be tech related but I am glad I am able to write.