Last year during Leonid Meteor shower we had gone out to a place bit away from the city lights and spotted some of the objects in the sky. This year I stayed back at my home and waited till the dawn to watch some meteors. The numbers were very disappointing because of the city light's but I managed to capture Jupiter up high near the zenith. It was very bright. Following is the video I shot using my 1.3 mp webcam connected to the 90 mm table top telescope.

I could only capture 18 second clip the telescope was alt-Azimuth mounted. Probably next time I would use my 5 inch one with EQ mount using which I can manually track it for longer time tough I don't have motor tracker yet.

I also tried to use Registax for the first time to chop the frames of the video and stack them. After some wavelet adjustment I managed to get the following sharper image.

I could see the great red spot just below the equilateral aria. May be better image processing would lead to sharper image.

I probably over did a bit during wavelet processing. This was first time I used this software. Thanks Mike Rector and the YouTube video for telling me how to use this software. Now I am dying to capture Saturn with this. Unfortunately most of the planets are now almost in a single direction near the sun which makes it very difficult to see and capture. Here is another picture of sky including Orion, Jupiter , Sirius , Aldebran and M45