Finally I took out some time to go for a road trip and break my personal record of driving alone.

Following was created using Google Map Engine. However it did not allow me to create more than 3 layers without paying a monthly free.

While traveling its useful to note down the coordinates of the place of interest because later it may not be easy to find in the maps for reference. I used an app called GPS essentials which has a "Waypoint" marker that allows the current coordinates to be labeled and saved.  These coordinates were in GPS format i.e. 17° 28.345' instead of 17°28'20'' or 17.493°. The later two format is easily recognized by Google maps. I used an online latitude/longitude converter to find the Google Maps friendly coordinates and marked the spots. For future I have created the below Wolframalpha widget to make this conversion one-click.


Thanks to @Aditya_Rao for guiding me in the Mysore city and suggesting the must see spots.

Total distance drove in the trip was 1694 KM.