My first telescope was a Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ which was quite big to carry. I recently bought another small one , Orion StarMx 90mm table top. Thanks to my friends for delivering it all the way from USA to my house. This is a portable telescope with 90 mm of aperture which  good enough to see bright nebulae. This has a Maksutov-Cassegrain design because of  which it has a high focal length of 1250mm even tough the size of the main tube is small .  It does not have a tripod but can be mounted on ordinary photo tripods. The mount is alt-azimuth, i.e it move horizontally and vertically. It comes with a battery powered LED red dot view finder without any magnification , which makes visible naked eye  objects easy to center even with low focal length eyepiece with high  magnification. On the other hand my old telescope had a cross hair based finder-scope with some magnification which sometimes makes it difficult to spot objects because low field of view without adding to the brightness. This telescope came with two eyepiece one with 25mm focal length ( 50X magnification )  and another with 10mm (125X magnification)


I tried to do some afocal-photography using the telescope and my digital camera and managed to take the following pictures, which turned out to be better than the ones from 5 inch Newtonian telescope.

Overall , the clarity was marginally better in this telescope as compared to the previous one for the bright objects like moon and Jupiter even tough it's aperture is  smaller. Also since this one is portable I can take this to nearby darker places for better viewing.