CI/CD with Tekton

It has been a while. While I was doing prep for a CPF for one of the top global Indian conferences, I delved into Knative. I was really impressed by Cloud Run by Google Cloud Platform and was curious to know more about the underlying stack which is Knative serving. Serving, Build and Eventing were 3 major pillars of Knative but build is now knows as Tekton kind of has its own reputation know as a CI/CD tool. Once can install Tekton in a Kubernetes cluster and a full fledged CI CD stack is ready to go. K8s acts as the underlying infrastructure. Of course other tools like Jenkins can be container-ised and installed in Kubernetes but Tekton can natively installed a CRDs in its own namesapce.

Here are the overall steps which one can refer to play around Tekton. This starts with building code from a github repo to deploy the docker image to a registry. And finally use that image to deploy to Kubernetes both as an standard deployment and Knative service.

The good thing is Tekton doesn’t really need Knative or has to be used only for Knative apps. Its a general purpose CI/CD just like Jenkins and Spinnaker which can be used to automate anything.