Last year since the day I observed that there is no Java User Group in Hyderabad in the JUG Map , I have been waiting for this moment. This year's JavaOne India was the best time to take it up to the local Java community and get started. Stephen Chin announced that user group and Ravi Buddharaju agreed to take the lead.During JUG leader's meet and GlassFish Party  Arun Gupta had motivated the attendees to start and actively participate Java user Groups in India as the number of existing groups is too less given the fact that India is second largest population on earth and largest software exporter. Here are some guidelines for starting JUG, I hope other cities of India take advantage of this opportunity and get involved.

Chennai and Pune JUGs has been one of the most active in India and setting example for other JUGs. Nagpur JUG is also not far behind with many events on their plate.

The kick off meeting happened yesterday at SWAN Environmental Pvt. Ltd near the Hi-Tech city area in Hyderabad. We had a challenge finding a venue for this very first meeting but thanks to my network in IEEE Hyderabad, Dr. Atul Negi introduced us to Vijay Kumar who was kind enough to let us use their training room for the meeting along with complimentary snacks and tea. The projector facility was one of the best I had ever seen. It has a touch screen smart board with stylus and  a layer of various drawing and annotation tools over it.

Not all the people who RSVP'ed yes joined but those who turned up were really enthusiastic about Java technology and ranged from freshers to 14 years of Java experience. Sorry for marking "No Shows" , one must mark RSVP to "No" if they change their mind unless there is any really good reason after RSVP closes. People who turned up were from very diverse areas , in fact I came to know many Java related new key words yesterday. After a introduction of everybody and their respective interest and experiences in particular technology areas in Java, Ravi briefed about mission of the user group and what it takes to be a member of the group. He also explained ground rules like ethics during events to all the attendees which I think was very important part because discipline is key to success in such kind of community based groups.

Finally the meeting was wrapped up with some survey polls about the Java technology areas what attendees are interested about. Ravi gathered all the feedback and for later analysis and similar poll will also come in the meetup site.

Going forward we will have events in various trending topics in Java Technology. We are looking for the following support to make it happen successfully

  1. Speakers - Tough we have bunch of experienced speakers in the group, we are always looking out for more. If you can speak on some topic or know anybody who is good at delivering talks in events or conducting workshops. Let me know in via email given at the bottom of the post.

  2. Sponsor - If your company or any company you know is willing to sponsor JUG Hyderabad and get your brand more popular among java community, you are most welcome. Moreover java user group is one of the best place for talent hunting :)

  3. Venue - This time we got a venue even tough the company's profile did not have any connection with Java community. However let us know if your company  or any other organization can provide venue for our meetings and events. This can again brand your company among the community and employees will get benefited directly.

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