Inspired from my friend Alosh Bennett I also jumped into the world of firefox extensions. Last weekend tried to write a rudimentary URL shortener firefox plug-in called googly. The name is inspired from Alosh’s URL shortener plug-in shortly (which was apparently named so because it uses as the shortening service ). In my case , I am using Google’s url shortening service .

The initial version is build by just writing few lines of javaScript code which shortens the current tab’s url and copies to the clipboard so that user can just paste it in IM window , email or other link sharing medium like twitter and facebook.

I will add more features to googly in future as I figure out more about firefox layouts .Let me know the feedbacks in the add on listing page or in the blog itself.

19th June 2011 update

Got reviewed by mozilla and got experimental status but Just fixed the navigation bar reset issue in a new version