After childhood adventures of fishing in the family pond with cousins using home grown sticks and wheat flour paste as bait, this one was first opportunity to do some fun fishing. This was first time in this season as well, so expectation was not much high but was pretty excited about it. Thanks to Hyderabad Adventure and Trekker's Club, for organizing a beginners fishing meetup.

Photo Courtesy : Ravi K  || Fish Courtesy : Monika

Key lessons were

  • Best place to catch earth worms is at the root of the small plats on a soft soil.

  • Keep the earth worms alive by putting some wet soil in the plastic you are collecting the worms in and letting some air come inside the packet.

  • Take thread of length little more than 1.5 times of the length of the stick.

  • Tie one end of the thread at the narrower end of the stick, preferably near the first joint  to avoid slipping of the thread.

  • Take the other end of the thread , leave 1 feet and tie one end of the sol stick.

  • Take the extreme end of the thread (we had left 1 feet) and tie the metallic hook there.

  •  Insert worms longitudinally along with the curvature of the hook and keep the worm compressed. You might need to insert more than one worm to cover the whole length of the hook. Ideally no metallic part of the hook (specially the pointed end) should not be visible and whole length should be covered with worm body.

  • Now swing the stick from your back top to the water (may be right side-ish if not exactly from top)

  • IMPORTANT ! - Keep distance from others and never stand immediately next to the guy who has the stick with hook because he would swing the stick from the right-ish side according to the above guideline.

  • You can use small thermocol block if sol stick is not available. In my case one of the local professional fisherman tied the thread at the both end of the sole and it was always lying horizontal to the water.

  • Sit down silently next to the water when the hook is in the water so that your shadow and noise  do not alert the fishes  .

  • Once the sol start moving up and down pull out the stick immediately with a swing making a loop on the top right side. Make sure nobody is near/behind you before pulling out because the hooks are so sharp that it can only be removed surgically from the body in case of any accident.

  • Finally the most important point is fishing needs a lot of patience, so keep trying. Its fun even if you don't catch one.

At the end of the session few people really caught some small fishes. Hoping for some bigger ones in the next event.

Photo Courtesy : Ravi K