Generate Embeddings using Vertext AI and Vector Database

In this post, we will generate embeddings from photos stored in Google Cloud Storage and save them PostgreSQL database with [pg-vector enxtension]( Then we will query for images which are similar to any given images on the data set. We will use a notebook in Collab Enterprise which is a great way of interactively playing with code snippets and iterating like a REPL. It is backed by computing resources (called Runtimes) from Google Cloud which can spin up and scale very quickly. Notebooks in the cloud also can be shared with others who can contribute text and code simultaneously.

It Has Been A While!

India Community Summit 2022

After a gap of 3 years due to pandemic the India Community Summit was organized by Google Developers at Ladakh. GDG Organizers, Developer Experts and Student Club Leads across India were part of it

Building Apps with Google Photos API

While Google Photos has an very good UI to search, upload and brows through your Photos stored, it also provides a lot of APIs to read and manipulate photos data if you choose to build any apps of your own to work with Google Photos, of course your user needs to authenticate with their Google account first

Building Application With Google OAuth Identity

Creating Google OAuth Client Credentials, Adding scope to access Google Services