While looking for an astronomy meetup group around Hyderabad I had come across GHAC (Great Hyderabad Adventure Club ), which was also highly recommended by friend Kunal. I discovered there is no astronomy group yet so wanted to create one. However I did not go ahead as I became skeptical about how many people would be interested and it was a paid service. Last week when I came across the newsletter of GHAC meetup group, I saw there was a trek being organized by them at a very familiar and near by place of mine.It was Durgam Cheruvu : A Head To Tail Exploration Hike . I had already been to the IT park  side of the lake where there are boating facilities and lake side benches ( I has seen some people sitting their with their iPods and Kindle/Tablet). Hence was very excited about the rocky side.

As per schedule we started at 6.30 PM from the meeting spot after introduction and warm up. 23 out of 31 RSVP turned up. Most of the guys seemed to be working in Delloite Consulting. We had Vamsi as organizer.While entering to the area we found out that  they were going to blow the rocks up in few hours. So most likely it was last time were were seeing the rocks. I hope Save the rock society could have taken action but land is privately held .

After 15 minutes we climbed few small rocks and one of my friend got hurt her leg  while attempting to jump from one to another (which is always a bad idea ). Hence I stopped climbing any further and helped her getting down to the plain path. Pappu and Sukumar were very kind enough to provide first aid and accompanying us right till the end of the trek.It was great fun meeting them , they were one of the most experienced. Now we chose a relatively plain path and avoided rocks. Rest of the group kept on climbing rocks.

Finally we headed towards home at 9.30 AM. We were questioned by the guards of the private firmed about purpose of our visit. So I would recommend to inform them before hand when going to this place. Few more photos can be found here. I have also played around Miscrosoft Photosynth and created the following.

The following synth is directly created from MS Photosynth

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And the following is created using Miscrosoft Image Composition Editor where photos are actually stitched together to make a large picture

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