1.  2 tea spoons sugar
     + 3/4 tea spoons coffee (Nescafe or any other brand)
     + 1 teaspoon water
     + 1/2 tea spoon chocolate drinking powder
2.  Mix these all things in cup.
3.  Beat/stir it with spoon.Initially it will be think and hard.But Keep on stirring
4.  After 5 minutes add 1 tea spoon of water...
5.  You will find brown colour will change to thick light brown colour
6.  Stop stirring when you will become tired :)
7.  Add 2 cups of milk in it.
8.  Add ice, Vanilla ice cream.
9.  (Optional) for garnishing , you can add Hershey chocolate sauce
10.CC is done , how you can ditch CCD and have in-house hang out with friends.