I usually do not read books or listen to the Babas when I need some inspiration or motivation. I believe one can not give speech if they have not experienced it. I don't want to read books like "15 ways to win" unless the author have achieved something. I always look up to the sportsmen whom I have followed right from my childhood. Recently I saw some of them and all of them were on leadership. This well applies to at our work also. Being a lead we lead a team of few and have to answer to the management at the same time. (whom its probably are harder to explain) In the same way the team captain needs to lead the players and at the same time need to answer the board and people who probably never played the game. I am embedding only the 1st parts of the video , do find the other parts in the related video section.

  1. Nasser Hussain : One of the most attacking  players of my time. He led England cricket team from the front in many times and personally I find his British accent the most soothing.

  2. Wassim Akram : He lead a team who is not even safe in its own country if lost some matches.

  3. Finally Sourav Ganguly : I admired him the most for changing the attitude of indian cricket team when he came .