As part of my new year resolution I had slept (relatively)early on the 1st day of the new year. This gave me a chance to material a planned hiking on the early Sunday morning of 2nd day of 2011.When I woke up it was little late for watching Saturn (rise around midnight and at zenith just before sunrise) however I was quite impressed with crescent Moon and Venus.,78.377261,944.13,0,44.996,0&ll=17.429836,78.377261&spn=0.001459,0.003214&output=embed
View Hiking Near Hi-Tech in a larger map
View Hiking Near Hi-Tech in a larger map

I won’t write much about the hiking as it has been wonderfully jotted down in Kunal’s Blog


Following are the plus I experienced

1.Fresh air (Needed after my sinus surgery :))
2.Get a lot of extra time early morning , don’t have to rush to office
3.will feel sleepy early at night ;) [Yet to realize today ]

Panorama of Hiking HiTech