I recently bought a Astronomical Binocular  from Amazon. Initially I thought I should go for a higher powered one but later realized that this one is optimal.

Just about everyone associates stargazing with telescopes. But even the most experienced backyard astronomer owns binoculars. Why? One reason is that when it comes to having a quick look at the sky, it doesn't get any easier than grabbing your binos . It's as close to instant observing as you can get. The other attraction is that ordinary binoculars take in a lot more sky than most telescopes. For big-picture views. binoculars can't be beat. And there are numerous objects so big you actually need binoculars to see them at their best. BinocularFor beginners, there's the added appeal of low cost . Decent binoculars are much less expensive than a good starter telescope. Also, unlike telescopes, which yield images that are upside-down or mirror-reversed, the view in binoculars matches the orientation of the real world.

This means that the transition from unaided view to a magnified one is relatively uncomplicated. Chances are you already own binoculars. Even if they've spent the last decade buried in the back of a closet and may not have the best optics in the world, you will still see more with them than with your eyes alone.