With Brazil’s exit from FIFA world cup 2010 today, my football fever is no more at the peak. Thanks to my friends and relatives for the condolence messages via email and SMS. So I am back to work (in full fledge), study and blogging. This is again one of the very few food related blog post. This time very common snacks item in western India, called  “Pav Bhaji”.

STEPS for Pav Bhaji for 4-5 people
Though there are many vegetables which can be used for making this i will tell you about the ones i have used.
1) Rinse with water and cut  them into chunky pieces not fine as at the end they all will be mashed[ (peeled) 4potatoes, 1 small cauliflower,3-4 carrot,250 gms peas, 3-4capsicum, 250 gms beans ]

2) Take some 3-4 tsp of oil in a pressure cooker, when the oil is heated up  add 1 tsp of jeera,3-4 tejpata (if u have)add 2 finely chopped onions,2-3 finely chopped green chilies, sauté them then add ginger garlic paste after some time add 4-5 finely chopped tomatoes, saute them in sim mode

3) Once its looks cooked add the vegetables, then add 2 -3 tsps of salt, 2 tbsp coriander powder, half spoon turmeric,half spoon red chili powder, 3-4 tbsp of any branded paw bhaji masala.

4) let the cooker whistle in sim mode for 3-4 times then in high mode for 3- 4 times.than take it off the stove and let it cool for 10 minutes or till the lid of the cooker opens

5)Mash all the vegetables with a masher then add lemon juice (at least 3 medium size lemon ) and more according to your taste to make it slightly sour and mix properly.

6) Check the taste, if salt is less add more

7) Sprinkle finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, green chilies, thin slices of lemon, grated cheese(optional), butter for garnishing and its ready to be served

1) Take the Pav  cut it and put ghee on the tava  and warm the pieces both sides

Serve warm PAV BHAJJI  with  SEV

Recipe Courtesy : Poonam