I never understood what's the deal with New Year. It's just the first day of the gregorian calendar. Why not other calendars like Lunar (not sure what is the first day ) and regional calendar (starts somewhere in April for the Bangla and Odia calendars) ? Call me an asocial person, in my opinion, financial calendar (April 1st to March 31st) matters the most as a lot of day to day work and planning depends on that. Well, the very fact I am referring date of gregorian calendar dates and month to define other calendars tell that it is something everyone is most familiar with even in the eastern word. However 31st Dec and Jan 1 is still I think not very important as a day except some coupons and offers expire. Anyway, if someone wants to party and takes resolution (and sticks to it) with New Year being the reason, I have absolutely no problem. It also so happens people who are not in touch with their friends and distant family for a while, finds a reason to do it.

Well, this is turning out to be an abstract post. If this inspires me to make a new post in a neglected personal blog, so be it :) Let that be my new year resolution. Haha.. I don't really believe picked a specific date for starting a habit, I think it should be started as soon as possible. Here is a list I want to do start doing, I think it applies to all.
  • Blog frequently, understand its a public thing so everything personal can't be written (may be private post ? ). I think pointless discussion and small talk kills a lot of time unnecessary time.
  • Use task management tool like any.do etc to make a list instead of cluttering the mind with all the TODO things.
  • When bothered by a lot of short term and long term tasks, start doing it in scum style (you either have action item or blockers at any point of time, no other excuse ) instead of thinking about them.
  • Write more code.
  • Always take notes with pen paper/ Google Notes in meetings so that I don't have interrupt others while speaking with a fear of forgetting my points. It's important for healthy discussion, I try to do my best but I think if a single person becomes impatient, the meeting goes to chaos.
  • Volunteer to send MOMs so that people agree or disagree to something.If people ignore it, it means my understanding is correct.