I don't remember how many of my friends and colleagues who are qualified engineers and doing the top technology jobs told me that they are bored of their "IT Job" and probably want to join a bank or may be do a cloth business. I always wanted to ask them why didn't you think about this when you joined Engineering school ? or at  least deciding the major in engineering school ? Like computer science or mechanical engineering ? When I was deciding the same back in 2002 people almost forced me to take Mechanical or Electrical Engineering just because there was a dot com boom in the technology industry. Even at that time I believed that new possibilities are in computer science are way more than what there is in all other fields of engineering combined. By the time I graduated things really changed and I observed that graduated of all other departments of engineering taking up technology jobs and starting to write code for the first time in their lives. Thanks to the companies who only give you puzzles instead of programming question. Had I known that , I could have just practiced puzzles instead of learning to code all 4 years of my undergrad !

I love the above video. It says there aren't many qualified programmer to fulfill upcoming requirements. Then why is there so much of unemployment despite of thousands of engineering colleges around all offering Computer Science and Information Technology related degree ? I don't even see any private engineering college investing in heavy machinery for Electrical or Mechanical engineering departments. I found my answer when I toured various engineering colleges for guest lectures. Actually its just the degree. Even a final year student does not raise hand when I ask "Have you written any program in any language ?" I doubt its because they are sky or lack in communication skills. Anyway I highly recommend this video.

Anyway I always felt that I am born to code and this is what I think about few others :)

However all above are just my opinion. Not trying to belittle any branch of Engineering. I still love electronics, machines and electrical circuits, they are the basis of all computers and its real life applications. Just that I am happy that I studied what I wanted to do and doing what I wanted to study. I am just fortunate to realize this early , most people realize late and hard work in the past remains useless.