After my new webhost’s server crashed and I realised the difference between paid service and free service it took me several weeks to restore all the data and custom service files in my old sever and bring this site up and running.I realised any site who claims to offer  some extraordinary service for free for which other sites charge a little , is going to betray one day.Thanks to my intermittent habit of taking backups, I could restore the services of this site to a good extent.After so many days of technical work finally though of spending this weekend a little humorous way and solve the problems I always had.Many people will be surprised to know that one of the most easy stuff which was difficult for me was folding a shirt properly .Finally I got the following article/video which was so simple that i wish I would have come across it some 10 years back when I used to underestimate myself not being able to do so.       ||Courtesy::   How To: Fold a Dress Shirt [via Unclutterer]