I have been using Motorola Android phones for a while now. Moto G, Moto X Play, Moto G 4 Plus, Moto G5 S Plus, Moto E and So on. They are not only considered to be the robust phone but also they run stock Android OS. It was part of Google and Nexus series for a while. However recently I gave up on them because of their camera. Even today they don't have a good phone with camera comparable with other phones in the same price range.

I bought the Poco Phone F1 recently and it has a really good camera comparable to the flagship phones like One Plus, Samsung Galaxy S* etc. Initially I was skeptical about the Xiomi phones because they were new, cheap and it is a Chinese company but I changed my opinion after hearing from friends who have been using the same Xiomi Mi phones since more than 2 years and have excellent photos from its camera for half of the price you pay for flagship phones. Poco was there best phone so far from the specification wise (probably except Mi Mix).

Here are the good things I found after switching from Moto G series phones.
  1. Poco F1 has pretty much all sensors that Moto G silently compromises. Moto phones did not have the gyro and compass sensors which were a problem while watching VR and using stargazing apps.
  2. Excellent camera, no grain. good night light photos.
  3. Face unlock (even in dark) yay!
  4. Snapdragon 845 processor and 6 GB of ram, I am not expecting it to slow down when I install a lot of apps.   
  5. The battery is long lasting.
What am I missing?
  1. Because of the notch, I miss out on a lot of notifications after they arrive in the top bar. Even Bluetooth connected or not, you have to slide down.
  2. No front flash, the bright screen does not make a lot of light.
  3. No shake to turn on flashlight or launch camera. (I had to set the flashlight on double press power button gesture)
  4. No NFC! 
  5.  It's USB C-Type. All my chargers and cables at home are micro-USB. I bought some cheap adapters.
  6. Google Now in the left to the home screen. (I found a workaround - Install Nova launcher and a companion pack)
Maybe the bad points are just about getting used to.