There was an unfinished trek of mine a couple of weeks back.Today it was time to complete it. Thanks to GHAC for giving the opportunity again. This was my 3rd trek with GHAC. The place was same, the starting point was same as well,  just the company was different and very friendly as usual.

We started at 6 AM in the morning and took a more difficult path to enter the area adjacent to the Mumbai road. We had to climb rock and bushes at the starting point itself , so we did decent amount of body warm up at the starting point. We did scrambling at the medium sized rocks which was a new experience for most of the new comers. GHAC founder Diyanat explained the difference between rock climbing and  scrambling (where only limbs are used to climb). He also said during scrambling one should always make sure that 3 of the 4 limbs are attached to rock/ground and make movement with the otherp one. Some up us also tried chimney climbing.

Photo Credit Sambhav

After an hour we went downhill through the medium size boulders where we had to warn (by shouting) the person in front/below in case we make any stone falling down accidentally. At the bottom we reached the lake side where a lot of eucalyptus trees and few peacock feathers were found. We walked along the bank of the lake and took a bushy path to reach the dargah. Somebody explained the reason why the lake is called "secret lake". It was called so because it was surrounded by small hills/rocks , hence could not be seen from from outside until one climbs the rock surrounding the lake. However now a days APIIC had done a lot of construction activities and blown the rocks away. We also discovered the concrete  tunnel through which water is supplied to Golconda Fort. Everybody rested for sometime at the small concrete dyke and socialized a little bit. Finally we headed to the main road in a walkable plain path, which took around 15 minutes.

You can find all the photos here.

Thanks to Diyanat and Vamsi a lot for organizing this trip. I rated this event with 5 stars.