Today Inventory United participated in Oracle Internal Soccer tournament 2009.Last Year  we made it to the pre-quarters
after being ranked 4th among 24 teams in the league stage but injuries and 3 games on a single day had stopped our journey.

IMG_0008   IMG_0713
Year 2008

From left to right
Neil, Darpan, Abhay, Zoheb, Nikhil, Ankuj, Sanjeev
  Year 2009

From left to right
Neil, Nikhil, Gagan, Nittin, Darpan, Ankuj, Soumya, Sanjeev

This year it all started with a very sunny morning.1st match was against “EClub Devils” a team of Oracle employee club representatives.
As it was the 1st match for us (Inventory United) all were fresh but did not have any kick practice before this match.Our 1st success came when Neil (me) converted a perfect pass by Zoheb to
a good looking Goal.Inventory dominated the first half totally and not a chance was given to the E-club.It was a best start possible. After Half time Inventory United were leading by 1-0 and more focused towards getting a lead which will be difficult to equalize.Ankuj, Zoheb ( later replaced  by Neil and  Soumya) carried on as forward striking some good shots just missing the goal post. At the other end it was Nittin (messi), Gagan and Darpan stood as rock irritating all the forwards of
Eclub devils.Unfortunately Sanjeev got some ankle injury just before the match and could not play in it.Finally Rajesh (Also Captain of Oracle Corporate Soccer team) showed his skills to score a unstoppable equaliser. It was 1-1.Again Rajesh from EClub Devils scored his second goal just few minutes before the end of 2nd half when Inventory United barely had any time to equalize.

EClub Devils (2) [Rajesh , Rajesh ]

Inventory United (1) [Neil]

2nd match was scheduled against “Spartans”  who earlier lost to “Eclub Devils”  0-2.Players of Inventory United were little tired after the 1st match and there was bit less time between the matches.Inventory United played with cool head showing their best and without trying very hard this time. Sanjeev showed some beautiful soccer skills making Sparta mid fielders look astonished and fall in the ground few times.1st goal came from Zoheb which was also engineered by Sanjeev himself in spite of injury. who deserved it for sure.1st Half it was 1-0.Ball possession was very high for Inventory United.Zoheb carried on snatching the ball from Spartans and passing to other forwards.I think if he were not in Oracle he would have been in FC Cochin Soccer Club.He later on the day got a call from Oracle Soccer Captain who was impressed by Zoheb’s  game. In second half Inventory United continued to play smart. Darpan and Gagan Kept on charging at the forward missing goalpost few times.There was some wonderful display by Goal Keeper Soumya who stoped some goal which could have been heart breaking for United. The final nail on the coffin came from captain Ankuj who looked hungry for goal since the Morning.Thanks to enormous stamina of  Nittin  who played the from the start of the game to the final whistle in both the games without substitutions and continuously making the United’s defence stronger.It was 2-0 when the finally whistle came.Team Sparta was strong but we were just better :)

Inventory United 2 [Zoheb, Ankuj]

Spartans [0]

Final list of 16 teams making it to the pre-quarters yet to come but Injuries acquired by most of the players and 10K run tomorrow  is the concern for the next games.
Thanks to the organizers who took so much pain to conducting each and every game successfully.

Inventory United Vs EClub Devils from Neil on Vimeo.

Here comes the next stages

Pre-Quarter Final - Inventory United beat “8 United”

Quarter Final - Inventory United beat “CGBU” Check out the Thrilling penalty shoot out video

Oracle Soccer Tournament : Inventory United Vs CGBU from Neil on Vimeo.

Semi-finalInventory United lost “vaastha” who went on to be the champions.

Finally there were celebrations for ending up as one of the top 4 teams out of 24 teams in Oracle

Darpan got the best goal keeper award.