This blog was earlier hosted in xtreemhost which gave me decent uptime and features till now. This includes 5GB of space , PHP, MySQL and FTP log in with no ads. However sometimes the webhost got blacklisted by some search engines and protection agents like McAfee and my website became inaccessible.Since I hosted this as wordpress the ftp file size limit of 3 Mb did not allow me to upload the zipped latest WordPress file to the server. which was about 3.6 Mb. is a very good option of hosting wordpress cms but it did not allow me to map my domain name ( for free. Hence I headed towards google and decided to migrate this blog to . The wordpress export file I generated from the Dashboard was used to generate the equivalent bloggers xml file using the service wordpress2blogger and imported the same to blogger. Some of the earlier embedded stuff and php services could not be migrated properly  but I am trying to fix them up as time goes. also allowed me to associate my domain name with a specific blog. I will definitely miss the wordpress plugins but bloggers seems to me simple and seamless and I can focus on my content as I do not have to administer the hosting any more. I will still use the free php , mySQL host for hosting the PHP bases services I make. My old blog is still available at .

In this process I lost all my WordPress pages and widgets which could not be imported but I am trying to make a clean start so that it does not degrade the integrity over the time.

Thanks to for easy configuration of domain settings , However their free basic PHP and MySQL hosting was not much of my use as they included ads in it. I think I can use it for hosting my php programs.

I will probably use picasa for image hosting and dropbox for file hosting.