Last Saturday IEEE GOLD of Hyderabad Section organized the World of Web Apps Session at Progress Software as part of our developer community initiative . This session was for engineers who work on open source web technologies and have interest in the same.

IEEE GOLD World Of Web Apps

Shabda from AgileIQ talked about meteor js and highlighted that it can connect directly to mongodb from the client side itself. Object subscription, Data synchronization and hot code pushes are the interesting features of meteor js. He shows us the company popularity demo where every attendee could open the page in in their devices and vote for websites. Instantaneously  this vote was updated in the server and all other clients. offline devices also could vote and it got synchronized once the device came online. It uses webrtc for the latest browsers and long poling using AJAX for others. Meteor js application can be directly hosted at or exported to node.js application for self hosting.

Amgonna co-founder Niranjan spoke about MongoDB which is a leading NoSQL databse. It is very trending technology given the fact that it can handle huge amount of data with high availability. He also explained that its a young community and yet to go through enough research. Lack of documentation and support may force developers to struggle bit more. Lack of standards also may cause portability issues but in terms of scalability it may beat any RDBMS software.

Medical transcript writer turned software engineer Udaya spoke about how he choose combination of various open source web technologies for his projects. He built and uses Pyramid as it is a good choice as python framework for flexibility.

Finally Charan talked about very popular Node.js framework. He encouraged people to get involved in his open source projects and fork his repos from github

We sincerely thanks Progress Software for hosting this event in their excellent facility .

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