Astronomy Quiz 1One of my colleague and good friend Manohar Burra created these nice set of quiz questions for our local Astronomy club. He is also an Software Engineer, Quiz Master and an Amateur Astronomer. I thought of sharing everybody and check their knowledge. Let us know in comments how many you could answer (of course without any help, especially web search, c'mon be honest with yourself ;) ). There is no prizes for correct answers but I think this is one of the ways you refresh your Astronomy knowledge. I know some of the questions are really easy but I am sure its very tough to answer all 25 questions without any help. I think you can solve at least 10 even if you are not into Astronomy.

If the font is small you can download the PDF by clicking the download button at the bottom or go directly to the full screen mode

If you like the questions or any other feedback, don't hesitate to comment right below this post or tweet @ManoharBurra. He will more than happy to hear any kind of criticism.  If you like please send the your answers to him in the given email at the end of the questions and I promise he will acknowledge it and thank you. Reach out to him if you have any question regarding Astronomy , especially theoretical ones.

PS: The hoax about me being giving away one of my telescope if somebody answers more than 20 is really a hoax ! ( promoted by the author )