Today 15th November being my birthday, again I repeat the question which I have been repreating since about last 20 years.Why do we celebrate the birthday ? Some say it is a way of bringing family / friends / relative togather , some say it is a Lucky day as per the stars.But Its seems to be a superstition to me. :)

They I say why do we follwow solar calendar not the lunar one.Then my birthday will be quicker every year (Lunar year is 11 days shorter than solar one) :)

My mother is a strict believer of astrology but I was never.Ironically speaking astrology makes no sence when they go beyond science.when a astrologer can not predict his time of death or incident going to happen in his life , how can he predict another's.

Today I have decided to teach some astro-logy-nomy Gyan to the readers.I really respect the Indian astrologer and calendar makers (Panji) because of the fact that their calculations of positioning of stars and plannets are as accurate as that now Astronomers determine with Hi-tech gadgets and formulae.

date of solar eclipse, lunar eclipese, visibility and rise of moon , and other planets are always correct in traditional calendar , even I crosschecked several times when I was in primary school.

Even the moon signes are correct.If a baby is born now his/her moon sign will be the Consterlation (Group of stars like Leo for example) on the sky is in the back ground of moon.This one can see the sky and tell whithout even seeing the calendar.Similarly the sun sign is the costerllation which is in the back ground of the sun at this very moment.Obviously we cant see the start in the background of sun.This is always estimated.Now think of a baby born on New Moon day , when sun and moon are almost at the same/near by  position in the sky .His Sun and Moon sign will be same.Since sunsign is directly related to the position of sun on the sky at the time of birth , it repeats every solar year in 365 days.Therefore we can say a date range like 23 aug to 22 sep sun remains in front of the Virgo Constetllation every year .So these dates are fixed.But Moon sign's case is not the same because Moon is quickly moving and Bit Position is not fixed on the same date of every year. There are several Sky simulators available using which I went back to see the sky of 15th NOV 1985 , 0510 Hours and figured out that Moon was in front of the Cancer consterllation .So My Moon sign is Cancer.

There are 88 consterllation in th sky but why only 12 (Zodiac) are known to most of the people.because the fall on the line of  motion of  the Sun , moon , and all the planets i.e the line from east (rising horizon) to west (the setting horizon).so these are the only 12 constellation which has possibility of being the back ground of any of these objects like sun , moon , planets .Because solar system is flat like a disc , you can never espect sun , moon or any planet to be in the north or south of the sky .Always in the like from east to west.

All right this much is enough for my Birthday Post.Very Happy birthday to Dola , Deepak and Sania Mirza too :) Here is some wiki about the day