Like last year Google broadcasted the keynotes of the annual developer event (Google I/O) at their local offices . I came down to their office on 27th and 18th June night despite EURO semifinal matches scheduled right after that.

Most amazing part of the Keynotes were the featured video if Virtual Start Party , which I am regularly part of.It was an awesome idea from Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay , who started recording their podcast from Google hangouts . Later many astronomers joined them in Hangout on Air and used their telescopes to broadcast live images from Sky. Following is the full length video from which some clips were shown in the keynote. I think Virtual Star Party is the best use case of Google Plus  hangout till now.

Following are my notebook pages on both the days

Day 1 (Android)

  • Offline voice search

  • Google now

  • Incremental app update

  • Free Google cloud messaging for developers

  • Movie for sale I play

  • TV shows in Google play

  • Magazines 14 days free trial

  • Nexus 7 inch tablet 12 core GPU , fonts didn't look good ??

  • chrome as the default browser for first time.

  • Compass mode.

  • Offline maps for entire city.

  • Nexus q, port port port, speaker

  • Multi user playlist and hangout

  • Plus event

Day 2 (Chrome)

  • Google drove OCR and picture recognition  iOS

  • Tools docs offline

  • IAAS from Google (Compute Engine)

Apart from this following are the tweets I posted during the events!/search/realtime/%23io12%20from%3Aneilghosh

All the IO videos can be found at their youtube channel