Chromebook Review After A Week

Chromebooks are around for a while now. I recently gave a shot and bought a small one ASUS C214 MA. I actually exchanged my old (~7 years) Toshiba Satellite E laptop with Intel i5 which was running Windows 10 (It was Win 8 when I bought). The laptop was not only slow (Right from the time I bought it) but also stared to show hardware problems like speaker and keyboard issues. I saw a n exchange price of around 8K INR in amazon and decided to get rid of it before it becomes not even worth exchanging. We (including my 5y/o for online classes post pandemic) used it mostly by installing Ubuntu (dual boot) which was significantly faster. I have no idea why Microsoft Windows cant figure out how make the startup fast and remove unnecessary process eating up memory and CPU. Nevertheless enough ranting about old laptop lets come to the chromebook.

The reason I did not buy another such windows laptop again because I didn’t want a mediocre one again under 30K INR. I am already used to a very high end Macbook Pro at work so every other cheap laptop would have been a bad experience. I wanted to test my hypothesis that everything these days can be achieved in cloud. Programming can be done in remotely in Github spaces, Excel/Spreadsheet can be done in Google Sheets (in fact people prefer that over offline installation). Photo editing, anyway I don’t use photostat but wanted to give some tool try like the ones build into google photos. FOr Chromebooks the configuration I have for ASUS C314, which is 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD and Intel Celeron processor is kind of standard, as ChromeOS takes a little space and memory and most of the work is one online using the power of cloud. Here are some points after using for a little over a week.

General Chromebook Review

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