I just came across this wonderful service provided by the website http://ifttt.com . I always wanted to synchronize photos , links posted in various web accounts I have automatically. This website called "If This Then That" works pretty much like a cron job you define in Linux machines.

For example I share interesting links in Facebook and Twitter but forget to bookmark them for my future reference. Later I struggle a lot to dig down the link in my Facebook/Twitter steam history. I wish I would have bookmarked those links in my Diigo account.   Using this portal I can create a task which will be triggered whenever I post a link in Twitter or Facebook it gets saved in the social bookmarking site Diigo with appropriate tag , so that it can be searched easily later on.

Another example is that whenever I post photos in Facebook I wanted them to get backed up in my Dropbox account also this again helps retrieving Facebook photos for  printing later. Usually the best photos of mine goes to Facebook even if I forget to upload them in Picasa, so they are worth saving :)

Similarly this portal supports 36 different web accounts (they call them channels) and any of them can be used as the triggering event and acting event.

The above rules are called recipes and you can brows through many recipe ideas from the other users. I have share a rule in which Facebook photos gets uploaded in one of my Dropbox folder.

This is a very interesting service as it runs automatically in every 15 minutes and you can manually force it to run the rules whenever you want. Most of the tasks I have created till now has worked without any issues till now.

Another good news about this portal is that it uses OAuth for most of the user account credentials so that you don't have to share your password with IFTTT for giving limited access.

Visit IF THIS THEN THAT and play around tasks now !