When I started my blog I was supposed to be about technology tips and How Tos . However it has taken many direction from there. One of the reason which motivates me writing posts about everything is that it may work as a diary which can remind me thing which I have learned over the years without really having to be dependent on anybody else. The following is one of the very few dishes I know.

Steps to prepare Khichdi and Mix vegetable Curry

  1. Take two clips of rice and one cup of yellow Mung Daal and wash them with water few times.

  2. Keep them in the pressure cooker with four to five cups of water and half spoon of salt.

  3. Wait till two whistles.

  4. For Tadka/Chaunk  take two spoons of Ghee and one spoon of Jeera/Cumin

  5. Fry till the smell of cooked Jeera/Cumin comes and add them to cooked rice and mix.

  6. Chop Tomato , Cauliflower , Onions, Carrot  and Potato mix them with  Frozen Peas, Corn and Chillies

  7. Take a pan and add two/three spoons of oil, one spoon of Jeera/Cumin,  two spoon of Ginger and Garlic paste and sauté them.

  8. Sauté onions and green chillies.

  9. Add all the vegetables except Tomatoes and Capsicums.

  10. Mix and cover it for two to three minutes.

  11. Add three/fourth spoon of salt , mix all the vegetables.

  12. Finally Add tomatoes and capsicum

  13. Also add Turmeric, Coriander powder and  red Chilli powder

  14. Mix everything and cover it for ten minutes in medium heat.

  15. Take spatula and try to cut the vegetable with minimum force to check if they are cooked completely

  16. If it cuts then stop cooking else continue for few more minutes and check again.

  17. In the end garnish with coriander leaves

That is all for now. More coming in future posts.

Source @pinksum