Like last year I got involved in a GVD (Oracle Global Volunteer Days) project this time . This project was about taking out children to one of the largest park ( Sanjeevaiah Park ) in Hyderabad and make them aware of common Indian birds and facts about them. It was led by some of my colleges who are very passionate about birds and their conservation. The preparation had stared weeks before the event.  One of the remarkable achievement during the preparation was the beautiful booklet [ PDF ] which contains most of the common Indian birds with beautiful pictures. Sayantan Chatterjee did an excellent job designing the booklet and the professional quality photographs were contributed by some of our colleagues who are very good at photography. You have to look at those photos to appreciate.

Around 20 children from the NGO called "Desire society" participated in this event. They were divided into groups and each group was led by somebody who has knowledge about the birds and how to spot them. Every children was give a booklet to find more about the birds they are spotting. Each groups also were accompanied by other volunteers. We spotted a lot of birds throughout the park and photographed them as well. Afterwards all the groups shared their knowledge about what they saw and volunteers showed the photos and explained about the birds they just saw. Kids were asked to draw (we provided the drawing boxes to all) the birds they like and later they were also served breakfast. Kids were also given a bird feeder and demonstrated how to use it.

Finally kids were dropped back to the NGO and some of the volunteers stayed back for a bird awareness session by Sreya who is extremely passionate about birds and very inspiring. She also spoke about the vultures whose numbers are getting lower and lower day by day and without them the natural cycle is disturbed.More at
neilghosh's GVD 2012 Bird watching awareness album on Photobucket

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