Today I decided to void my Nexus 4's warranty ! Probably it was out of warranty anyway. I had used Cyanogenmod earlier phones of mine and its simply awesome. For a long time I waited for a stable release of Cyanogenmod with Android Lollipop but none of the Cyanogenmod 12 build is stable till now (as I type) for Nexus 4 (Mako). I lost my patience today and went for the recent nightly build.

Following were the steps
  1. Download Cyanogenmod ROM zip file
  2. Download the clockwork recovery.
  3. Download the sdk tools for android.
  4. Download gaaps
  5. Make sure the sdk tools is in your PATH so that its accessible from command line.
  6. Start your phone in recovery mode
    1. Turn off the phone
    2. Hold the power and volume down button till some text appears on the screen
    3. Install clockwork recovery
      $ fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-
    4. Select recovery option
  7. Factory reset and wipe cache from the menu.
  8. Choose "install from zip" option 
  9. Copy ROM file to the phone's SD card (or emulated directory)
    adb push  /data/media/
    If you get "read only file system" error try using the following commands before copying
    sudo adb devices (to make sure device is connected)

    sudo adb root (to make sure device is running on root access )
  10. Install the ROM zip file. In case this does not work, you can side load it.
    adb sideload
  11. Install gapps to get the Google Play Store and all you favorite apps there after.
    adb sideload
  12. Reboot from recovery mode to boot into your fresh new Cyanogenmod.

As usual its my duty to warn you that you must know what you are doing before rooting your phone and installing custom ROM. I or the ROM company will not be responsible for whatever sh** you do with your phone.

So far the following stuff works for me which I was mostly worried about custom ROM
  • Bluetooth (Playing music)
  • Audio 
  • GPS
Also the screenshot at the top is of lock screen while playing music. Notice the visualizer at the bottom. This is cool.