Today Google Launched Google Drive ! They also increased the Gmail quota to 10GB from the existing 7.5 GB. Now I will no more struggle with labnol's tip to find the large emails and delete/forward them to save Gmail space.

Google Drive is giving 5GB initially and more space can be bought. I am still a Dropbox fan and will continue to use it. In fact Google docs is gone for me now. All my existing documents are under Google Drive and interface is same as Google Docs. May be the only difference is it has a desktop client which will have all the documents synced with Google Drive cloud automatically like Dropbox.

You can start using Google Drive now at

Let me know the feedback.

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Update : 24-04-2012

Oh. Yes, I forgot to mention about Microsoft Like Sky Drive. They have been offering whopping 25GB. However they are going to limit it to 7GB apparently. But if you have an old account , you can still act upon and claim the 25GB free storage