This is my 1st post after my 1st ever surgery in life. Thanks to my family for taking care through out the medication and People at work allowing me getting off all the burden at work.
Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad was very friendly and equipped with top facilities and dealing with TTK Health Insurance was hassle free.

I ended up piling up a lot of medical bills , reports and consulting prescriptions meanwhile. Since I have a habit of digitalizing everything coming in my way, I scanned all the documents into PDF formats at one go. However I wanted to organize them all in different conspicuous file names and rotate them in correct manner. I found the following web sites extremely simple and useful for this purpose


Finally I uploaded all my documents online securely in Dropbox and noted down all my medications on Microsoft HealthVault so that it can be easily searched, retrieved  and analyzed later when required.

Note:Irrespective of all controversies I believe calling it “PDF format” is ok because PDF is no more a phrase which should be interpreted literally. PDF (Portable Document Format ) now is a new entity itself which refers to a particular  format by Adobe. Hence the phrase “PDF format” should be correct, so are terms like “SMS service”, “XML Language”, “ATM Machine”, “HTTP protocol”,HIV Virus, PAN Number .I don’t these are wrong.Taking their literal meaning is immaturity.

Merry Christmas !