Now there is a official way of knowing the current status of train in Indian railway. Three years back I had posted about the a third party site which gives you the best possible location of a running train. The IT department of Indian Railways has cleaned up there website and and redesigned in the new version.

You can get access to the beta version of the website at the following URL

Click on "Go to the new look" button to get to the following screen where there is a search with auto suggest box and you can search with the station names after which the train is named. Once you select your train it will show you the latest known position of the train and amount of time it is running late. I doubt you will see any train before time given the track record of Indian Railway.

It will be great to see the position in the map too , but they have done a great job by showing the relative distance covered in a slider.

I always has a feeling that Indian government websites are primarily designed for Internet Explorer but these days I see many websites including Indian Railway runs well in Firefox and Google Chrome. In fact few days back I got an email from IRCTC that there is a minimal version of website ( ) to book tickets specially designed for Tablets and Mobile Phones. The above website which gives the live running status also claims the same. It is great to see railways adopting technology for convenience of passenger.

One of the notable thing is the announcement where IRCTC appeals not to take the print out of the electronic ticket while traveling. They are encouraging to carry the electronic versionin Mobile and iPad. However one of my friends was asked to show the circular in which it says you may not bring the print out and show the electronic version instead. Refer to the official notice numbers at the bottom for the circular. You may want to quote the same in this kind of situation. In either case you have to carry the a valid photo ID card accepted by railway.

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