screenshot-1359316639379 screenshot-1359378012305Lately even after rooting my phone I got bored with my Android phone's (Samsung Galaxy ACE) UI. Same old Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Yesterday I came across one article on the internet which was talking about custom ROM which can give the windows 8 look and feel to my hardware. Luckily it worked. However for most of the windows tile (eg. Appstore, music, internet etc ) , asked me to assign an android app installed in the phone while being used for the 1st time. The UI response did not slow down much. Most of the feature which were there in my Android OS was there in this ROM also. The music player was not very impressive but the system settings and widgets looked better to me. I noticed that the Bluetooth could be left discoverable forever in this ROM.

If you search in the YouTube, you can fine a lot of videos sharing the procedure how to install this ROM.

I also found an iOS themed ROM and installed it right away in my phone. However when the ROM started it started all in Chinese :) . One of the most challenging task was to find the language settings in the phone and change to English.

I also did install the Samsung Galaxy S II ROM but it was kind of out dated. Finally I settled with the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean official CM10 ROM. Unfortunately Google Play and other Google apps were not present in the ROM, so I had to install them from a separate zip file. Since Jelly Bean was designed for phone with higher resolution , the settings menu's font looked very small in my phone but not very hard to figure out.

There were also intermediate versions of the ROM available in the Internet e.g. Ice cream Sandwich

All above ROM needed ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) installed in the phone. This can be also used for restoring backed up data before attempting to play with new ROMs.

Update (28 Jan)

I finally settled for ICS (Android 4.0.4) as Jelly Bean was making my phone slow and eating up a lot of phone storage. I also got rid of small texts in setting menu as Android 4.1 was designed for phone with larger screen. Icecreame sandwich seems to be the perfect match and the optimum release for Galaxy ACE hardware.